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A Legacy of Care

The Cheshire Residential Homes Trust's fundamental Legacy of Care dates back to 1947, prompted by a local Cheshire County Councillor who sought to improve the care and assistance available for those over a certain age. A meeting was arranged and a charity was formed to fund Homes "for people who are in need of assistance (priority given to War Damaged people)".

By April 1947, the sum of £837 6s 6d had been raised which was to be used for the founding and maintaining of the Trust. Significantly, all but three of the original sixteen Governors were women, whose determined efforts can be held responsible for the future success of the Trust.

70 years later, the need to care for older members of our community continues.  All those involved with the CRH Trust are determined to maintain the honourable work of its founders.  Its purpose is as relevant today as it was in the past, if not more so.

“A Legacy of Care is one of the best ways you can continue to contribute to the future lives of others.”