Care Quality Commission Standards

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) – formerly CSCI – is the independent regulator of Health and Social care services including Residential Homes. Our Residential Care Homes are regularly inspected.

Care Quality Commission Reports:

Immediate Actions taken by Trepassey  The recent CQC Report stated that staff at Trepassey treated residents kindly and it was clear the staff knew the residents well, that everyone looked relaxed and comfortable and that staff had the skills and knowledge to care for the residents. Residents stated they had no worries or concerns. However, the Report also highlighted some shortcomings, which have been responded to immediately. These are:

  • Care files need greater detail – Risk assessments have been increased and care files are completed in greater detail.
  • More detail needed on pre-admission assessments – Summaries have been requested from GPs pre-admission. Greater detail sought from relatives pre-admission. Full care files completed within 48 hours of admission.
  • Personal Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) not up-to-date – PEEPs updated and will be reviewed as conditions change.
  • Storage of creams, lotions or those medications self-administered by residents – Creams etc now stored in personal, locked medicine cupboard.
  • Fire Evacuation Policy to be updated – Policy updated.
  • Complaints Policy to be updated – Policy updated.

Immediate Actions taken by Sandiway Manor 

The recent CQC report states: “People told us that they were happy living at Sandiway Manor and they felt that the staff understood their care needs”. People commented “I like my bedroom”, “the staff are very pleasant”, “I feel safe here” and “the staff are kind and helpful.” Relatives commented “I visited with my relative prior to admission and we were shown around the home” and “I have no complaints.”

However, they also highlighted some shortcomings which we have responded to immediately. These are:

  • Care files did not always contain up to date information - Care files will be completed accurately and up to date including the reporting of any safeguarding issues, mental capacity assessments and the completion of DOLs applications
  • Security of the Home not always maintained thus vulnerable residents could get out - External doors alarmed so staff are aware if they are opened unnecessarily
  • No certificate for Legionella testing - Certificate obtained
  • Mental Capacity and DoLS  training not up to date - Mental Capacity and DoLS training arranged.
  • Incidents not always reported to CQC promptly - Staff made aware of need to do this

 Upton Grange 

The CQC report states that people living here had said:

“The Manager is approachable and supportive” and they were complimentary about the standard of care.

“You cannot fault the staff here, they are superb.  I find them very attentive and helpful and I do feel safe living here.  The staff know who’s coming and going”.

“The staff are very helpful. I have diabetes and they are aware of this by providing me with a healthy diet.  I am very happy here.  I have made many friends since I moved here.  The food is top notch and there is plenty of choice.  The Manager will speak to my daughter and keep her informed if I am feeling unwell.  We have our hair salon here. I can use it whenever I like.”

“The staff are passionate about providing quality care.”

“The Management team are superb here, they are very warm and welcoming.  You can always speak to the Manger or staff if you have any problems and they will deal with them and the Manager is friendly and so are the staff.”